Are you fascinated by vintage snapshots? Do you look at old photographs and wonder about the stories they tell? Then Tattered and Lost: Vernacular Photographs should be of interest to you. The book contains ninety-three vintage photographs from the author’s collection. Photographs play off each other on facing pages asking the viewer to come to their own conclusion as to what they are looking at. Included is a photo of the Pennsylvania Railroad S1 steam locomotive, designed by Raymond Loewy, on display at the 1939 New York World’s Fair. And one of the few known copies of a photo taken by Rudolph D’Heureuse in 1863 proving there were indeed camels used by the U. S. Cavalry is included. So take a step back in time and visit with some folks who long ago smiled and said “cheese” never knowing how long those smiles would last.

Tattered and Lost: Vernacular Photographs

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